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Rainbow Ridge Farm CRC Inc. Non-Profit 501 (c)(3)

  Animal Assisted Behavioral Interventions: Mounted & Unmounted

Barn Safety Rules

Please remember that our rules exist for the safety of everyone involved.

Facility Rules

                     This is a private facility – no one is permitted on premises without a staff member or representative from Rainbow Ridge.

Please do not hand-feed the horses - it can encourage biting. If you want to feed a treat, please ask permission from a staff person first, and place the treat in the horse's feed bucket.

Use quiet voices and walk (don’t run) in the barn. Loud noises and sudden fast movements can startle horses.

All children must always be supervised.

Please be respectful during lessons & feedings - in the barn and/or in the riding rings. Please keep noise to a minimum and please do not interrupt sessions.

All ring gates are to remain closed during riding sessions.

No spectators in the ring during a lesson, unless given permission by the instructor.

All pets must be leashed or remain in your car. Service dogs are permitted in the facility.

No smoking on the property.

Clean up after yourself – this includes trash, brushes, tack, blankets, sweeping up after grooming, manure, etc.

Do not handle any horse without permission/explicit instruction first.

Do not leave horses unattended on crossties.

All horses must be led with a lead rope.

No volunteers are permitted in the office without permission of a staff person.

Hate speech and/or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

COVID-19 Regulations & Guidelines

Family/Client Procedures

Families should bring the minimum number of people needed to care for the client.

Clients will wait in cars until a volunteer/instructor comes to get them at the start of a lesson.

Families will be asked to leave promptly after their session to allow for disinfecting and to limit the number of people on site.

Clients and families must wear a mask on property if within six (6) feet of another person or indoors.


In order to keep volunteers engaged and to maximize volunteer retention, we may need to limit volunteers. Thus, maintaining a small number of people on site but maximizing number of people engaged in program.

Volunteers will wear face coverings the entire time they are indoors or within a proximity of six feet of other individuals on the property.

Volunteers will be encouraged to bring their own face covering however a small supply will be available on site.

If volunteers want to wear gloves they may after washing their hands upon arriving.

Volunteers will be trained in proper face covering use, hand washing techniques and signs/symptoms of COVID-19.


All staff will wash hands at a designated hand washing station and take their temperature to ensure that it is below 100.4˚F.

Staff will wear their face coverings whenever within proximity of others but will remove and store face coverings according to CDC infection control guidelines when further away for clear communication.

All staff wear their face coverings whenever within proximity of others but will remove and store face coverings according to CDC infection control guidelines.

Instructors will aid clients from the side or back as much as possible avoiding standing directly in front of them.

All staff will sanitize any toys, games or other therapeutic items within the arena or session area after each use.